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tv   News  RT  November 17, 2017 5:00am-5:28am EST

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global news headlines verifying opinions twitter is accused of specifically drowning out right wing views with new rules designed to tackle extremism and hate speech. russia and america lock horns over the future of a chemical weapons investigation in syria as moscow vetoes washington's latest proposal to the un. investigation doesn't stand up to any criticism and it's not known from who. evidence came from it falls apart like a house of cards. also for you this hour a remarkable story of survival we meet a three year old girl rescued from a plane crash that killed six people in eastern russia.
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hello to you this friday the seventeenth of november one pm here in moscow and this is your world update this hour first the heavy policing from twitter which no longer just checks to see if you're a real person it's now judge and jury on views as well it's all part of new guidelines being laid down by the social network added resulted in a number of radical voices being stripped of their official status but not all of them as party boy he explains. up until this week verification illustrated by a blue tick on twitter was a symbol that the users account is genuine so if you take the account air don't old trump the blue tick here to notice that yes these really are the words of the u.s. president it's a bit like a certificate of authenticity for a design a handbag or a hologram stick on the back of a box containing a computer game and high profile users like trump might have hundreds of
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fake and power in the accounts hence the blue tick but twitter says that somewhere along the line this verification became known as an endorsement for cation has long been perceived as and then. this perception when we open the case for public submissions and then for people who. the blue tick purge started after twitter was criticized for verifying the account of this man jason kessler the organizer of the deadly white nationalist rally in charlottesville an organist eventually twitter came up with an extensive list of the new guidelines the reasons for removing the symbol include intentionally misleading people promoting violence inciting harassment and the list goes on nearly detect uses
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include tommy robinson the former leader of the u.k.'s english defense league and white supremacist richard spencer ordinary twitter users have expressed confusion over the new policy. what about accounts like these mohammed al a reef a conservative sunni muslim cleric from saudi arabia banned from the u.k. in twenty fourteen his blue tick remains intact twitter says it's conducting a sweeping review of its verified accounts and it's possible that accounts like
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this may not have come up for review yet but even before the rethink twitter had been criticized for refusing to verify certain accounts that of wiki leaks editor julian assange for example or project veritas found james o'keefe both journalists with anti establishment views twitter didn't answer our t's request for more information regarding its policy review in recent months twitter has faced mounting criticism for failing to combat it. and hate speech it's not clear how making itself the arbiter of right and wrong with a seal of approval is going to fix that boyko r t london well us republican party activist john griffin says twitter bosses are stifling debate on issues that matter to people. so the idea of you know de verifying twitter accounts on the basis of hate is is more to me of a of
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a symbolic gesture towards preventing dialogue leads leads to you know more hateful discourse i think that what's being done is being done primarily because of top down political pressure to try to centrally silence some discussion but the the accounts that have been that have been blocked for hate speech frankly i don't think anyone has a problem with blocking them but the idea that this could creep into something where one side has an unfair advantage in most political discussions that's certainly a question that i think needs to be asked and looked at honestly was not just to facebook's also been making headlines for its new tool called trust indicators it's aimed at flagging up fake news on the site distinguishing between trustworthy publishers and the rest the tools designed to disclose information about the ownership structure of media outlets it also looks into editorial policy in fact checking ability reviewing headlines and articles but it's actually up to the
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publishers themselves to provide their own information we heard from a political activist who believes facebook's letting its users down. facebook has the right to put whatever indicators it once but in doing so it's currently doing a major disservice to its clients it is essentially misleading them because it's basing its trust indicators on the completely flawed idea that what most of the us mainstream media is reporting is basically true so by putting these indicators it is essentially giving a incorrectly high level of trust facebook is a sort of unscientifically assuming that the currently accepted mainstream media is also trustworthy it is not trustworthy and so allowing these people that they've assumed before even beginning any kind of real review or any kind of real experimentation that they are trustworthy and then deciding to let them show that
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they're trustworthy by basically saying so is completely backwards. but you're in america restoring each other's attempts to extend that investigation teams work on chemical weapons incident in syria. russia has acted to obstruct these investigations public pressure is being blamed for everything as usual russia has helped to vary the truth allegedly all trying to disparage our country russia has played games with human groceries not playing games you are trying to play games with russia wants american ism but not an independent one would produce protest against this blatant unprofessionalism russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism here to prove also those who voted against russia's draft resolution are responsible for the fact that the joint investigative mechanism to stop operating. a russia vetoed washington's latest hand passing a draft bill at the u.n. a both want to prolong the investigation period but they're at odds over the timing while the u.s. backs the investigation into the chemical attack moscow believes it needs to be
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completely reviewed. the joint commission leading the investigation claims the syrian government was responsible for the deadly sarin gas attack in the rebel held town of country koon which killed eighty people back in april a report came out in october and was criticized by russia for lacking credibility and sufficient due diligence one of moscow's main concerns was with the reliability of the samples used to form that conclusion as experts carrying out the probe didn't visit the site and got their data through third parties which transported them out of syria russia's ambassador to the u.n. again voiced his worries during the latest council session. new would you. create this pseudo investigation doesn't stand up to any criticism and it's not known from who or where this unreliable evidence came from it falls apart like a house of cards based on this the joint mechanism was brave enough to accuse the whole syrian government in such a ways chief sacrificed their own reputation and wrote their names in the history
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of speculation around syria nevertheless we want to say this joint investigation. russia wasn't alone in blocking the resolution at the un bolivia also voted against the draft china and egypt abstained after the vote r.t. spoke exclusively to the bolivian u.s. and u.n. ambassador we wanted to get a resolution because that resolution did a representative is what we need for joining us so you mechanism to to to do our position is that there should be an independent impartial professional technical investigation of what happened they did a report that the g.m. has issued a few weeks ago the facts and it has been. criticized by many members of the council we really believe that the investigation should be done in c. too so if we talk about their track thing you know the l.h. talked in so the g.m. the joint investigation mechanism
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a should go to that place and to collect evidence in order to have a more transparent independent and complete the investigation. thanks to gators are trying to establish why a light aircraft crashed in eastern russia on wednesday killing six people however the incredible story of one girl just three years old and the sole survivor of that crash has captured hearts worldwide. and the same feelings are crucial to the girl that had ninety she was found in line and she knew that the end was close to a was to see the child. real
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lucky that the miracle happened. this is all to he rushes hopes of reaching the twenty eight hundred winter olympics have taken another blow and it's been updated by one k. figure that politics will always play a role in sport more on that after the break. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest raid in truth to
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stand out of the news business you just need as the right questions at the band the right answers. question. going to visit security office side always security your own someone. at docking with they don't want to be killed know when there's a guy calls a woman away have decided it. is much more difficult to do it to do you know.
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hello again the world anti-doping agency president has admitted that it's almost impossible to separate sport and politics comments followed claims that had upheld the suspension of russia's anti drug body on political grounds it's a sort of. impossible dream isn't it because the fates israel is free to rely on sports is such an important to people on thursday rosado failed to be reinstated for not meeting two criteria point set out by water but russian officials said those points had no relevance to the agency's work as it had met the other eighteen points in the road map to be reinstated these two demands are obviously of a political nature we want dialogue not addict at david larkin an international anti corruption attorneys expressed regret that there is no procedure to neutralize politics in sport. i thinks politics in sport is
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a bad thing i don't think there should ever be any political or geo political influences in sport unfortunately that's not reality there are some i mean sport is an enterprise with competing interests what we don't have right now is a procedural and legal framework that neutralizes those completely because of that it's still a factor in sport. and the term hate crime is usually associated with attacks against minority groups and reports into the problem in the us are suggesting it's very much on the rise. i. now a recent f.b.i. report suggests a spike in a related incidents in twenty sixteen and many media outlets have been quick to link it with the u.s. president's strong rhetoric so american takes a closer look at the cause and effect behind the numbers. a spike in hate crimes in the u.s. is all over the headlines after the release of the latest f.b.i.
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stats what we've seen since present troll got in office is a rise in hate crimes and hate crimes are on the rise across the u.s. after the election and since the one hate crimes are rising. victory america has been grappling with a reported rise in hate crimes and hate crimes have reportedly been on the rise across the nation many outlets chose to present the figures as confirmation of reports that blame the rise on racial violence on donald trump's campaign and then there's the southern poverty law center front and center against the rise of hate crimes under trump now they claim a five year high is trump towards the presidency and that was indeed the case let's zoom out so there was an increase from two thousand and fifteen to two thousand and sixteen by over two hundred cases but that's far from a peak now two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and fifteen way before trump kicked off his controversial campaign was actually a third higher let's zoom out some more seventeen years ago during the bush
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administration over nine thousand hate crimes were registered in two thousand and one alone putting last year's figures firmly in the shade the mainstream media in the united states do not like donald trump and they've painted a very false narrative of him talking about how he will increase in a mosque the between ethnic and racial groups the united states does not happen they talked about how he is colluded with the russian government they have provided no up until now still no proof of that and there's been much greater controversies and they've they've completely ignored them to break it down further according to the f.b.i. as data of the highest spike in hate crimes was actually anti white crime well i mean this statistics don't bear that out. in two thousand and sixteen the number of hate crimes ticked up very slightly but it's significant. statistically insignificant. always only president i mean who is only the president elect.
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for the last two months of twenty sixteen well the rise in hate crimes is surely a present and grave issue but a quick look at the bigger picture might just put your mind at ease samir khan r t . next israel's top military official says his country is willing to share intelligence on iran with saudi arabia the remarks could further complicate not only the ongoing standoff between tehran and riyadh but also internal affairs within saudi arabia he certainly picks up the story. over the past ten or fifteen years there's been a feeling amongst those in tel aviv and riyadh that they have a shared interest in pushing back iranian influence in the region but over the last year or two it's becoming more and more obvious and these latest comments by the israeli military's chief of staff essentially saying it admitting that israel and saudi arabia are ready to exchange information and share intelligence on iran and
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its allies in the region and it's thought that this is something which has been. perhaps to boo in the past something which saudi leaders haven't been able to make the case to their own populations but now it feel more comfortable to do so and it appears the rule of the middle east is that my enemy's enemy is my friend so those two countries increasing very cooperation in order to push back what they say is rainy and expansionism in the region now of course the situation here in lebanon has been somewhat more tense over the last couple of weeks we've seen that resignation by the lebanese prime minister saad hariri live on television from riyadh from saudi arabia he announced that resignation and many of the political actors in this country the hezbollah political party even the president michel aoun not accepting that resignation because they say according to the lebanese
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constitution it needs to be made in person and sad hariri hasn't returned to lebanon since he made that announcement leading to some speculation that he has perhaps not been returned against his own free will well over the last day or two we've seen an invitation being extended by the french president emmanuel macron the french leader and he has said that assad hariri is welcome to come and visit him there are many political analysts both inside lebanon and outside who say that that could be the first step to unraveling this political deadlock and seeing him return to the country and what other analysts say has been the failure of saudi arabia to try to divide the lebanese political establishment. oh rats long been a supporter of former prime minister hariri whereas the lebanese president is a known ally of hezbollah a political party with a military wing backed by iran political science professor calling cobell says the israeli military's chief statement is a move to form
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a new coalition against iran. this is the first open collaboration public collaboration and acknowledgement that there is a strong relationship between israel and saudi arabia and you can assure you that so that the united states or. the president what this confirms is a alliance between israel saudi arabia. and they remain amongst them so that they can contain iran. or staying in the region humanitarian groups are urgently calling for lifesaving supplies to be allowed into yemen saudi arabia's been fighting hoofy rebels there since twenty fifteen with yemen placed under blockade a much triggered a serious crisis with millions of people starving and then die in need of medicine .
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ally questioning its role in the yemen conflict u.s. house of representatives agreed on monday to back out of supporting the saudi led coalition and a normal rights activist who was jailed for releasing thousands of animals from a farm is pushing for changes on laws on defending animal welfare kevin johnson was locked up for three years on charges which included terrorism he took us through what he did how and why. two thousand and thirteen a close friend of mine tyler lange and i entered the east fork mean cranch in northern illinois for thirty six years as a facility that was imprisoning and killing manc killing children within the sight and smell of their mothers all for fashion and so we entered the facility we opened all the cages in the facility to free two thousand mink and saved their lives and
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we painted the words liberation is love on a barn to demonstrate that we weren't trying to threaten anybody we were trying to have a message of compassion when we were arrested we were sensed under state law for possession of burglary tools we were already doing time for the crime in illinois state and the federal government intervenes to indict us under this terrorism legislation you know which ended up being a nightmare and i was in prison for three years the controversial or under which was jailed was pasta in its current form back in two thousand and six it bans action the damages or interferes with any organization that deals with animals if an individual causes more than one hundred thousand dollars worth of damage they can face up to ten years in prison kevin johnson give us his views on being treated as a terrorist the court essentially found was that the government is permitted to apply the label terrorism to virtually any activity that it doesn't like in this instance the court said it was not quote utterly unreasonable so that's their standard for
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determining whether the government can call something terrorism and is always something you worry about with employers landlords it's a serious thing even if people look at it and they say that's kind of silly whatever at the same time they take pause which was the entire purpose of the federal government when they passed the law even if people look at it and say well that's silly they still take pause people are nervous i think that it's incredibly cynical for legislators to try to use the rhetoric of terrorism you know in order to essentially repress activists on behalf of industry and finance. you know terrorism we all know we've all experienced in this country sadly terrorism is the killing of civilians in order to intimidate their populations you know it's it's a desecration. of the victims of terrorist attacks and you know an affront to the concept of what terrorism is. now you're up to date that's it for me call or break your next local news rap is with the unit that's in just over half an
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hour from now to the recipe for writing. her. her her. or. crown prince mohammed bin solomon is said to be a reformer and on an anti-corruption drive others say differently saudi arabia is experiencing a life threatening crisis that could ignite a region wide conflict and the trumpet ministration appears to be on board.
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markets to wage war against country trade individual the individual and we saw in greece where goldman sachs and their buddies decided to tear down that country to rip it for going to dollars at a profit john paulson we've got. now it's spilling over into the crypto world and the geopolitical were all that's happening. it's the cradle of jazz. we. took those disc jazz feel. climatic. alligators on the loose of crime to use by the least. close. of street racing in the heat of the night this is. the best place in the world.
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